The History of the Bed, the Mattress, and Other Fascinating Stories
October 17, 2019
Arguably, the bed has got to be the best invention, man has ever made. There are many great inventions, but can you imagine not having your own comfortable bed to lie on today? Imagine not having a bed to rest on at the end of a long, tiring day?!
6 Reasons to Buy Your Mattress Online
September 26, 2019
Sometimes it’s quite a hassle to buy a mattress because of its size. Cumbersome even, you may say. How do you transport a bulky purchase across the city and how do you even bring it up to the rooms? The idea of doing all of these could be intimidating to some.
Goodbye Sleepless Nights: Sleep-Train Your Toddler
September 26, 2019
Our babies have many important needs and parents would naturally want to fulfill those. As parents, alongside making sure our little ones are well fed, ensuring they get enough sleep is at the top of our checklist. It goes without saying that sleep is important for everyone, most especially for these little ones.
12 Annoying Health Side Effects of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress
September 17, 2019
You've been spending most of your nights on your mattress - 4 - 10 hours for adults, and surprisingly, not too many people have considered changing their mattress unless the springs have come to pop out, or until they've started to feel lumpy.
Spine Care and the Importance of Your Mattress
September 02, 2019
Back pain is one of the most debilitating pains you can have. There are many different reasons that you can be experiencing back pain. One of the things that you can do is to get a good mattress. On the other hand, having a bad mattress can also be a source of back pain. There are many different things that you need to take into consideration. The first thing is determining the source of pain. You want to make sure that it's not due to an injury.
Important Facts You Need to Know About Sleep And Mental Health
July 26, 2019
It is a long known scientific fact, that's sleep or the lack of it, has a significant impact on mental health. It is more than just getting enough sleep, but also includes the quality and the depth of the sleep that is achieved. There's a big difference between someone who is able to sleep for 7 hours straight and someone who is in bed for eight or nine hours but wakes up three or four times during the night. Here we'll take a look at some important facts you need to know about sleep and mental health.
Why Is Sleep Important for Weight Loss?
July 26, 2019
Weight loss is a challenging task and doesn't happen overnight. There's no magical pill nor is someone going to snap their fingers and make all that unwanted weight disappear. Instead, it's time to look at the importance of good habits such as sleeping well throughout the night. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are doing the human body a real disservice.
MYTH BUSTED: Nighttime Exercise Does NOT Prevent Sleep
November 08, 2017
Doctors used to advise against engaging in any moderate to heavy physical exercise during the night. The scientific consensus was that exercising too close to bedtime could interrupt the natural onset of sleep. And it’s a theory that made sense. Exercise does put the mind and body into a focused state. And it’s understandable that this type of heightened awareness brought about by physical exercise can serve as a cue for wakefulness.
Don't Drink Coffee First Thing in the Morning!
November 01, 2017
Having coffee first thing in the morning is a ritual that a lot of coffee drinkers subscribe to. But is first thing in the morning really the best time for caffeine? The short answer is: not really. And that's because most humans are wired to have high levels of cortisol usually between 8 to 9AM. This is according to Steven Miller, a neuroscientist from Dartmouth.
20 Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for When You're Too Tired / It's Too Late to Make an Effort
October 30, 2017
Halloween is an offshoot of the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain, which was mainly celebrated to appease ghosts, demons, witches, goblins, deities, and all other supernatural powers that controlled nature. It is perhaps fitting that this ancient festival has somehow morphed into modern Halloween: a celebration of today's global influencers, the cultural icons that dominate the current zeitgeist and shape our perception of the past, present, and future - the reigning gods and demigods of our own era.
3 Intense Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Health and Lengthen Your Life
October 26, 2017
Coffee is life! And it’s not just because many of us need it to feel awake throughout the day. Unknown to many, there’s more to coffee than the energizing power of caffeine. When it’s brewed properly and consumed in moderation, everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage is a potential superdrink with various health benefits. For instance…  
4 Reasons Why You and Your Partner Need Separate Beds
October 19, 2017
There’s always been a stigma against couples who sleep in separate beds. People assume that if you don’t share the same bed with your partner, you’re probably going through rough times. And it’s a view that’s somewhat understandable. If you love someone, doesn’t it follow that you’d want to share your bed with him or her? Isn’t sharing the same bed an essential part of what makes a couple?
Love Improves Sleep: Science Says Healthy Relationships Promote Restorative Sleep
October 18, 2017
Why is it easier to fall asleep when you’re next to someone you love? For many of us, the answer is obvious: comfort. There is nothing that can make you feel more comfortable or safe than sharing a bed with a loving partner. It’s not being needy; it’s basic human nature.
Sleeping Naked is the Sleep Trend We All Need Right Now
October 13, 2017
You’ve basically tried every sleep trend and medication to get some shut eye. Valium, Nyquil, melatonin supplements, a brand new Onebed, lavender oil - anything that can finally help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re a true, blue insomniac, you probably also have a bunch of sleep apps installed in your phone. So what are you doing wrong?
Science Confirms: The Body Clock is Real!
October 11, 2017
The internal biological clock is also known as the circadian rhythm or the body clock. It’s a roughly 24-hour cycle that regulates a number of functions in the human body. This includes (but is not limited to) body temperature, hunger, daytime wakefulness, and nighttime sleepiness.
Understanding Coffee and Its Effects Can Help You Sleep Better
September 28, 2017
Coffee is notorious for causing insomnia. But this is largely because a lot of people drink it without really considering its exact effects. You can’t just chug a 32oz cup just ‘cause you’re feeling sleepy in the middle of the afternoon. You’re bound to regret that decision when you’re tossing and turning later in bed.
Science Says You Can Eliminate Shoulder Pain With This Simple Exercise
September 16, 2017
Yes, we realize that a single solution to almost all shoulder pain sounds too good to be true. But the science speaks for itself. A simple exercise called relaxed hanging aka brachial hanging could be the single, most effective solution to all your shoulder problems.
Unique Sleep Gadgets for Under $300
September 14, 2017
Experts say that about 33 to 45% of Australians suffer from poor sleep. It may not sound serious, but if you ask Dr. David Hillman, director of the Sleep Health Foundation, poor sleep can be just as dangerous as smoking, drinking too much, not getting enough exercise, and obesity.
Sleep News Volume I: Sleeping Beauty Syndrome and Other Stories From the Weird World of Sleep
September 13, 2017
You already know about the perils of not getting enough sleep. You’re probably also already caught up on some of the strangest facts about sleep, dreams, and insomnia. But the weird world of sleep is always ready to dish out new stories and facts that you’ve probably never heard of before. For instance…
Unique Sleep Gadgets for The Modern Insomniac
September 13, 2017
Experts say that about 33 to 45% of Australians suffer from poor sleep. It may not sound like a serious problem, but really, poor sleep can be just as dangerous as smoking, drinking too much, not getting enough exercise, and obesity.
The Truth About Houseplants: Myths & Real Benefits of Home Gardening
September 02, 2017
Before we talk about the real benefits of having plants at home, let’s start by debunking a highly popular but ill-informed indoor gardening myth: Having Plants Inside Your Home Cannot Clean Indoor Air Pollution. Yes, it’s true that plants remove carbon dioxide from the air.
Adios Hangovers! The Hangover Clinic's Max Petro Sheds Light on His Controversial IV Treatments
August 29, 2017
The Hangover Clinic was founded by Max Petro, a former Sydney lawyer and ski instructor in the US and Australia. Back in the US, he met a ski patrol team that worked as hard as they partied - patrolling the slopes by day and engaging in après ski (or after skiing entertainment activities) while drinking schnapps by night.
7 Unexpectedly Awesome Things About Insomnia
August 15, 2017
We got into the mattress game for one reason: to help people get better sleep. That’s why we’ve always seen it as our responsibility to educate people about the dangers of insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. articles about the dangers of insomnia are already all over the Internet, including our own blog. It’s a topic that’s been discussed to near-death.
Busting the Big Breakfast Myth
August 07, 2017
Sorry, but that old cliche is false. Even if your daily workload is highly physical, there’s no scientific need to wake up and start the day with a big breakfast just so you’re energized throughout most of the day. In fact, eating such a big breakfast could be what’s making you feel sleepy and ready for a long nap even before lunchtime. Eating small, regular meals throughout the day is actually much healthier and better for your metabolism than relying on a heavy first meal.
30 Strange Facts About Sleep, Dreams, and Insomnia
August 02, 2017
The waking world is a strange enough place. And when viewed from the lens of sleep, it can get much, much stranger. For a better understanding of this weird, weird world, here are 50 of the most interesting facts related to sleep, dreams, and insomnia that we could find
5 Websites You Need to Visit When You Just Can’t Get Any Sleep
July 31, 2017
Losing the fight against insomnia? Sometimes, it’s better to just accept the loss, move on, and make the most out of your extra time awake. Whether or not you’ve heard of these websites before, one thing’s for sure: the time you spend checking them out will be time you’ll never get back again. But if you currently have all the time in the world, have at it!
Tea and Caffeine: A Guide to Which Teas are Best Consumed in the Morning, Afternoon, and Before Bedtime
June 15, 2017
International sales data says that more people prefer coffee over tea. To this we say: Good. More tea for us! It's a powerful beverage that comes with plenty of proven health benefits. And because a cup of tea contains considerably less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it’s also a safer drink of choice for people with anxiety.
3 Times Staying in Bed / Sleep Saved Lives
February 20, 2017
In this world, there are daredevils who refuse to sleep on life, people who knowingly dive into death’s maw only to come out unscathed. This is not about those people. This is about a breed of people who are even more unique, people whose stories of sheer luck can uncurl the questioning eyebrows of even the most skeptic atheists.
6 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Insomniacs and Sleep Lovers
February 06, 2017
For insomniacs, the best gift of all is sleep. So if you’re keen on impressing an insomniac (or someone who just really loves to sleep), you’re going to have to do better than cold stubbies at the beach and/or edible underwear. I mean, edible underwear is fun and all, but it's also a sugary snack that, when consumed before bedtime, can delay and even disturb your sleep. #realtalk
6 Ways to Nurse Your Oz Day Hangover (and the Different Ways Different Drinks Can Make Your Hangover Better or Worse)
January 25, 2017
“Australia Day is the most violent of our public holidays by a long shot,” That was a statement from former Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright during an interview with the Herald Sun on the alarming amount (121) of violent, non-family assaults reported to the police on Aussie Day in 2013.
4 Practical Facts Every Insomniac Needs to Know
October 14, 2016
If you haven’t been sleeping right, listen up: The immediate effects of insomnia include but are not limited to the following: physical fatigue, headaches, poor memory, micro-napping (a known cause of car accidents), poor vision, poor hand-eye coordination, slower response time, and the inability to focus on logical tasks.
The Definitive Guide To Mattress Cleaning (With 7 Chapters)
October 04, 2016
If you haven’t cleaned your mattress in a while, you should probably sit down first before reading these medical facts: In 2015, 421 Australians died from asthma. Back in 2013, the death count was just 389. Go back further and you can observe a slow but steady rise in asthma-related deaths in recent years.

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