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Onebed Quilt
1-year warranty
Dacron Fibre
Designed for luxury, the environmentally friendly Onebed Quilt keeps you covered in supreme comfort with a warmth level of your choice
150 gsm
150 gsm + 250 gsm
250 gsm
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What is the quilt made of?
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Onebed Summer Quilt folded on white background

A 150 GSM quilt to keep you cool and comfortable during those hot Summer nights

Onebed Original Quilt folded on white background

A 250 GSM mid-season quilt for just the right balance between warm and cool

Onebed All Seasons Quilt folded on white background

Both the 150 GSM & 250 GSM quilts which can be combined to make a Winter quilt

Rounded image showing Onebed All Seasons Quilt insides containint two layers
100% Dreamy Dacron

Dacron Fibre is often used as an outer layer for luxury cushioning products to enhance softness and comfortability, while the Onebed Quilt is made up entirely of this high-end fibre

Image showing the cloud-like white insides of the Onebed Quilt
Hand pressing down on the Onebed Quilt which is giving away showing softness
Soft to the touch

The light and fluffy inner fibres are covered with elegantly soft Egyptian style percale woven cotton which is the exact style used for 5-star luxury hotel bedding

Luxury without the cruelty

The smooth inner fibres have a candyfloss-like airiness to them, giving the Onebed Quilt the same delicately light feel as feathered or ‘down’ quilts, without harming any birds in the making

To little yellow chickens sleeping on top of the folded Onebed Quilt
Not muggy, just snuggly

The consistency of Dacron traps just the right amount of air to hold warmth, while still maintaining breathability, meaning you keep cosy while your quilt stays fresh

Arrows starging red and ending blue going from under the Onebed Quilt to above it
Don’t let the bed bugs bite

The hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial fibres keep the Onebed Quilt sanitary, hygienic, and fresh, so you can say goodnight to itches and allergies

Person holding cup with warm contents and hugging the Onebed Quilt
Side view of the white Onebed Quilt
Keeps as good as new

Enhanced friction reduction makes the Onebed Quilt highly resistant to wear and tear, while the non-absorbent fibres prevent degradation of the quilt when wet, giving you that ‘new quilt feel’ throughout the ages

Icon with washing machine and arrow going around it
Bonus features

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