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Onebed Topper
4.4 out of 56 reviews
2” davina foam
Highly Breathable
Zoned support
A highly breathable Davina Foam sleeping surface, designed with zoned support, is the affordable solution to getting a comfier night’s rest
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Why choose Davina Foam?
High air circulation
4.4 out of 56 reviews
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Onebed Original Matress fadeing in and out Onebed Topper floating up and down Onebed Original mattress all looked from the side

Lift Your Sleep Game

You won’t find a Davina Foam mattress topper anywhere else in Australia, designed to be the most affordable way to transform any mattress into a luxury sleeping surface

Why choose Davina Foam?

Davina foam maintains a supportive buoyancy effect while gently molding to the shape of your body - regarded to be the pinnacle of mattress topper evolution as it offers the perfect balance between comfort and support

Tender bounce back effect

Relieves pressure points

Responsive comfort

Conforms to body shape

The Lux Foam inside the Onebed Topper with fading blue lines to signify zoned support Onebed Topper Outer layer fadeing out to reveal the insides
5 zoned orthopaedic support

Say goodnight to aches and pains with the 5-comfort zones of the Onebed Topper, which maintain skeletal alignment by supporting you from head to toe



Lower Back


lower leg

Do Not Disturb

The Onebed topper has a zero-motion transfer effect, so all movement stays on the side of the bed where it belongs

Onebed Topper looked from above with jenga tower on one side and footsteps next to it to portray do not disturb effect
Stay cool to stay asleep

Davina Foam is renowned for its high breathability because of its open cell structure, which speeds up sweat evaporation, meaning the Onebed Topper stays airy and dry while keeping you cool and fresh

The Onebed Topper striped of it's outer layer to reveal the inside bluish lux foam Airflow going through the topper material
That ‘just right’ feel

Designed to provide the perfect relationship between soft and firm to optimise for enhanced levels of comfort and support - so you can sleep easier, no matter the state of your mattress

Onebed Topper looked from the side with white surface and dark blue sides Big checkmark on top of the Onebed Topper
Too Easy

Use your existing mattress as a base

The old bed with pillows on top

Use your existing bed, so there’s nothing to move, and nothing to throw away.

The pillows removed and Onebed topper putted on top of the old mattress

Lay the Onebed Mattress Topper directly on top of your bed. It’s that simple.

The same with pillows on top

Use your sheets to cover both and create the perfect sleep surface.

Get the most out of your topper

Trial an award winning Onebed mattress for 125 nights, risk free, to use as a base for your topper - and experience the full potential of comfort and support

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