Onebed Frame

Does this come with Warranty?

The Onebed Frame comes with limited warranty of 5 years on the motor.

Can I set this up myself or do I need a handyman?

The box comes with instructions on how to set up so you can do it in a breeze! Tools are provided too. An extra hand from a friend or a partner will make the process easier. Having someone do this with you will add to the fun too!

What is the size/weight of the box when it is delivered?

It will be 2 boxes at approximately 140cm x 100cm x 10cm, weighing around 35kg per box.

How do I recline/incline the frame?

You can recline or incline with just the click of a button on the remote control that the frame comes with!

Will the adjustable bed fit an existing bed frame?

The adjustable bed will fit an existing Australian sized bed frame. You’ll be able to keep the same look for your bed (and bedroom) but with the benefit of an adjustable frame.

Can I adjust the height of the Onebed frame?

Yes! The Onebed Adjustable Frame is height adjustable to 4 settings: 7.5cm, 15cm, 22.5cm and 30cm.

Will the frame work with a memory foam mattress, a spring mattress or an air mattress?

The frame will work with memory foam mattresses, and some spring mattresses. The frame will not work with an air mattress. We recommend any of the mattresses we sell, as they are tried and tested to work with our frame.

What is the material that the Onebed frame is made of?

The base construction is made from sturdy steel, a solid foundation that will last, without the creaks you may get with a wood base.

Why should I get an adjustable bed frame?

An adjustable frame comes with so many benefits! Improved circulation, alleviates aches and pains, clears sinuses and airways and also provides relief from acid reflux and heart burn.

Onebed Mattresses

What type of bed base/frame would be suitable for the Onebed mattress?

In any humid area of Australia, we recommend using a slatted base or bed frame (slats spaced between 5-7cm) to avoid the risk of mildew or mould forming on your Onebed. Other frames that promote air flow on the mattress are also acceptable--examples of which are bed frames with holes on them or frame with breathable fabric mesh, such as the Onebed Adjustable Frame.

What is the weight limit of the Onebed Mattresses?

All Onebed Mattresses have a weight limit of up to 300kg.

What makes Onebed affordable?

Onebed has re-engineered the supply chain in order to trim the fat that generally comes with any standard mattress purchase. By operating exclusively online and eliminating wholesale and retail mark-ups, rental costs, sales commissions and expensive, gimmicky marketing strategies, Onebed is able to provide you with a quality, comfortable luxury mattress at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

How does the 10 and 15 year warranty work?

The Onebed Essential comes with 10 years warranty while the Onebed Original and X come with 15 years warranty.

If you notice any defects with your Onebed mattress or mattress cover, we will replace the defective product free of charge.

Feel free to give your Onebed the same workout you would with any other mattress but be aware that our warranty only extends to defects associated with ordinary use of the mattress. Your Onebed will only be covered by the warranty if it has been placed on a suitable flat hard surface or structurally sound base.

For full information regarding our warranty and its limitations, inclusions and exclusions please read the entire warranty document here.

How does the 125 night trial work?

We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we’re pleased to offer a 125-night sleep trial for every Onebed mattress. If after using the mattress for at least 30 days, you still think Onebed might not be for you, please get in contact with us at support@onebed.com.au within the first 125 days of receiving your order to arrange a full refund.

There are no strings attached and zero costs involved in returning your mattress. Once you’ve been in touch, we’ll collect it as soon as we can and refund you in full. In most cases, your mattress will be donated to the Salvation Army, going to someone in need. For some rural areas, we may need your help in dropping off the mattress to charity. If that is not possible, just give us some time and we will look for other alternatives to collection.

If you’re not happy then neither are we – we strive for 100% customer satisfaction whether you love your Onebed or not.

What does a Onebed feel like?

We have designed mattresses that provide all the support you need to get a great night sleep.

The Onebed Essential provides cool and comfortable sleep with medium firmness.

The Onebed Original has 3 interchangeable layers. The top layer of latex foam is soft and responsive whilst the memory foam (second layer) ensures your body contours to its natural alignment. The layers can also be rearranged if you prefer a softer or firmer mattress.

The design significantly reduces the transfer of movement between you and your partner, ensuring a truly unique sleep experience.

The Onebed X 12" combines memory foam and pocket springs--this design allows the layers to transition from soft to firm. The gradual firmness provides ultimate comfort and support.

How big is the box?

All Onebed Essential and Original mattresses are packed in a box approximately 1m high, while Onebed X is approximately 2m high, and 50cm x 50cm at the base. The special compression makes your mattress much easier to deliver and manoeuvre, so you can move it into your bedroom with ease.

Can I use the mattress right after opening?

The Onebed mattress will decompress immediately after opening and you can use it on the day that you open the mattress. However, allow up to 5 days for the mattress to settle in and fully decompress back to its original state.

Will the mattress form a valley over time?

No – Onebed mattresses are designed to retain their shape without sinking or forming a valley over time. Onebed ensures durability and longevity, eliminating the sinking effect. This is part of why we’re confident about attaching a warranty to every Onebed sold (10 years for the Onebed Essential and 15 years for the Onebed Original and X).

Does it ‘sleep hot’?

No – The Onebed Essential uses a cooling gel memory foam, the Onebed Original has latex as the top layer for cool sleep while the Onebed X has Davina foam which allows breathability. By doing so, Onebed mattresses sleep much cooler than any traditional mattress, making them ideal for the Australian climate and is the ideal year-round sleeping material.

How long can I keep the mattress in the box?

We do not recommend keeping the mattress in the box longer than 2 months. If you need it at a later time, you can purchase closer to the date or arrange shipping time with us through our customer support lines.

Should I flip the bed?

Onebed is a one-way mattress which means flipping is not required. It’s one of the many advantages Onebed has over traditional mattresses. The durable layers ensure the bed will provide consistent comfort and support for at least 10-15 years.

Is it a suitable bed for young children?

Yes – in fact, studies have shown that a firmer mattress can provide the proper support needed while a child’s bones are still developing. We believe Onebed provides the perfect balance between comfort and support and many parents have noted the benefits of Onebed for their children’s sleep patterns.

How do I maintain my mattress if using it directly on the floor?

As with all mattresses, there is a chance of mildew developing if it is placed directly on a surface that restricts air flow (e.g the floor). This is especially common when placed over an organic (e.g. cotton rug, plywood) or moist surface. In any humid area of Australia, we recommend using a slatted base or bed frame to avoid the risk of mildew or mould forming on your Onebed.

If you do decide to use your mattress on the floor, we suggest that you regularly prop-up your mattress to allow any moisture to dry out. This will keep your Onebed clean and mildew free.

Onebed Pillow

What is the best thing about the Onebed Pillow?

The best feature about our Pillow is that it is height adjustable. Prefer a full pillow? Do nothing! The pillow comes fully-packed with memory foam pieces. Want a lower setting? Take a few foam pieces out—plus, we have a bag where you can store the foam pieces in case you will want to put them back again later!

What is the firmness level of the pillows?

The Onebed Pillow is medium-firm. Perfect level of comfort and support when you sleep.

Can I wash the pillow cover?

Yes, we recommend washing the pillow cover too, even if you use a pillow case. You will need to wash more frequently if the person using this is sick.

Do I still need to use a pillow case?

Even though the Onebed pillow comes with a pillow cover, you will still need to use a pillow case to protect it from build-up of dirt and oils.

What is the size of the pillow?

Standard Australian size: 40x48cm

What is the pillow made of?

The Onebed Pillow is made with hundreds of shaped polyhedron memory foam pieces—brilliantly shaped as such to promote airflow and breathability while maintaining proper support for your neck as you sleep.

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