125 Night Trial

Unless your purchase is otherwise excluded as specified below, the 125 Night Trial begins the day your new mattress is purchased from Onebed.

You must try the mattress for at least 30 nights to be eligible. If you don't love your new Onebed mattress after these 30 nights, or if you are unsatisfied with the mattress in any way, contact us within 125 days of purchase to arrange for its return and you will receive a full refund.

To prevent exploitation of our return policy, only two mattresses per household will be covered by the 125-night trial.

We will collect your mattress and donate it to a charity of our choice. The mattress will be collected within 30 days and your refund will be processed after collection.

The mattress must be in a reasonable condition (so that it can effectively be donated to charity) to be eligible for return as described below (for example, no stains, tears, or other soiling including odours).


The 125 Night Trial offer does not apply to the purchase of mattresses already discounted through the Onebed Referral System.

The 125 Night Trial offer does not apply where you have damaged the goods by using them in a way that was unreasonable, for example if you have damaged or misused the mattress either by accident or intentionally or damages arising because you have neglected to use a protective cover, position the mattress on a suitable base or adhere to instructions for the proper care and cleaning of your mattress.

Excluded damage includes but is not limited to odours, stains, mold and/or mildew, smoke or water damage, soiled or unsanitary mattress, burns, rips, tears, damage from an unstable, damaged or substandard base, or contamination from bodily fluids.

The 125 Night Trial will not be applicable to individuals who have requested for cancellation of an order placed and have signified non-interest in trying out the mattress. Somebody who has expressed intent to cancel the order but will open the mattress to gain some advantage will not be eligible for trial as this is a clear exploitation of the policy.

This offer is for original purchasers only. Mattresses sold outside of the Onebed website do not qualify for the 125 Night Sleep Trial.

Note: Customers who have returned mattresses from a previous order are not eligible for subsequent free trial offers.


You may exchange your Onebed mattress for another model or size one time within the 125 Night Trial. You will be responsible for any difference in price.

Proof of Purchase

The 125 Night Trial requires proof of purchase by you from Onebed. You must retain your original receipt in order to provide proof of purchase. Please retain your original receipt as proof of purchase in order for your 125 Night Trial offer to be valid. The receipt must be presented in the event of making a claim under the terms of this offer.


Nothing contained herein is intended to alter or modify the terms of any warranty or consumer guarantees that may or may not accompany your purchase. See the Onebed Warranty. No one has the authority to supplement, alter or modify the terms of any warranty or consumer guarantees.

Making a Claim

All returns must be authorized. No unauthorized returns are allowed. If you are returning your mattress, you must contact us first at (07) 3184 8144 or at support@onebed.com.au to obtain a Return Mattress Authorisation (RMA) number.

Once your authorised return has been collected by us in a good and sanitary condition, we will reimburse the full purchase price of the mattress.

Refunds will be issued to the original method of payment within approximately 30 days.

REMEMBER: If you wish to claim a refund under the 125 Night Trial offer, please contact us between 30 and 125 days of your Onebed mattress purchase and obtain an RMA.

Warning – Unauthorised Returns

All returns must be made as described herein. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY UNAUTHORISED RETURNS. You are responsible for the risk of loss and for shipping fees for any unauthorised returns.

Onebed Terms of Use

All use of www.onebed.com.au and all purchases from us are subject to the Onebed Terms of Use. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter or modify such terms. A copy of the current Onebed Terms of Use is available on our website.


We value the relationship we have with our customers and are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy.

Our Charities

Mattresses returned through the 125 Night Trial offer are donated to selected charities chosen at the sole discretion of Onebed. Nothing in this offer obliges Onebed to donate goods or cash to any particular charity.

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