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Onebed Mattress Protector
Waterproof top cover
Anti-bacterial Fibers
one-year warranty
The high-end Onebed Mattress Protector is designed to prolong the lifespan of your mattress while also improving your quality of sleep
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Dust mite resistant
1-year warranty
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The luxury choice

The Onebed Mattress Protector exceeds standard quality, with luxury features such as a deep fitted skirt, diamond quilting, clump prevention, and a supremely soft 100% cotton percale woven cover

Sideways view of bed, the mattress covered with white Onebed Protector
Staying hygienic

Anti-bacterial fibers suppress and destroy the growth of bacteria, keeping you and your mattress clean and sanitary for a healthier night’s sleep

Folded Onebed Protector radiating whiteness
Closeup of Onebed Protector showing it's design Dust Mite Icon Crossed over
Sleeping more peacefully

Not even a grain of flour can pass through the Onebed Mattress Protector, making it dust mite resistant which prevents allergic reactions, asthma attacks and those relentlessly irritating bedtime itches

Keeping it cool

Sleeps cooler than regular mattress protectors because of the ultra-lightweight, highly breathable cotton fill

Sideways view of a mattress floating and covered with Onebed Protector and soft white clould floating abote it
Protecting your mattress

The Onebed Mattress Protector is 100% waterproof, securing your mattress from absorbing sweat, spills and other bedtime accidents, to maintain the quality and prolong the lifespan of your mattress

Protecting your protector

The Onebed Mattress Protector is highly resilient to wear and tear, with the durability to easily withstand nightly stresses while maintaining impeccable quality – backed up by a 1-year warranty

Sideways view of a mattress covered with Onebed Protector and purple baloon in the shape of the number 5 floating above it
Higher quality, lower price

Optimized design, manufacturing and logistical processes allow Onebed to offer luxury bedding products at a more affordable price than their market value.

Shop around to discover that you won’t find the same product for a cheaper price.

Trust Onebed

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