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Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame
4.7 out of 116 reviews
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Operated by remote-control, the bed frame transitions smoothly and effortlessly through your positional preferences. The ultimate in luxury and health-promoting mattress bases.
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Does it fit into a bed frame?
What type of mattress will work on the adjustable frame?
Do the frames have a split option for each side to be controlled individually?
4.7 out of 116 reviews
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Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Our affordable adjustable frame is a game changer for watching TV, reading, cuddling and sleeping more comfortably - while also providing a tonne of health benefits

Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame in Flat Position Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame in Anti-Snore Position Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame in Zero-Gravity Position

Anti-Snore Function

Zero Gravity Position

Personal Favourites

Smooth Transitions

Universal Design

The Onebed adjustable base can be used alone for a simple and aesthetic look to your bed - but is also designed to fit inside most bed frames

Fading bed, revealing Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame inside it Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Height Adjustable Legs

Height-adjustable legs allow you to perfectly align the Onebed base to a height which suits you or your bed frame

Effortless Transitions

The remote control allows you to glide smoothly through your positional preferences, designed to make life easy on you


Zzzz Quietly

With one click of the “ANTI-SNORE” button, your partner won’t want to strangle you in the middle of the night anymore


Heal your body

Sleeping with your legs elevated above heart level has a profound impact on your physical well-being

Enhanced blood circulation

Alleviates chronic back pain

Regulates blood pressure

Improves function of the lungs and heart

Zero Gravity

Based on NASA engineering - The Zero Gravity position distributes gravity evenly throughout your body.  Scientifically proven to help induce REM sleep – the deepest stage of sleep

Onebed Original Mattress on top of Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame A figure softly falling on Onebed Original Mattress on Top of Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Reduces spinal compression

Eliminates pressure points

Relaxes muscles

Weightlessness sensation

It’s the simple things

Movies, books, cuddles and sleep are the little things that make up our daily lives.  Experience these in greater comfort for a greater quality of daily living

Woman on Onebed Original Mattress on top of Onebed Adjustable Frame in Anti-Snore position

The Bad News

Not all mattresses are worthy of the Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame.  Unsuitable mattresses may not be compatible or might become damaged by motion frames

Onebed Adjustble Frame in Zero-Gravity Position Onebed Original Mattress Fading in and out on Top of the Frame

The Good News

All Onebed mattresses are GUARANTEED to couple perfectly with the adjustable frame, transitioning flawlessly through positions while maintaining immaculate quality

Trust Onebed

Find the same product for double, triple or even quadruple the price.  Same quality, cheaper price – backed up by a 5-year warranty with no strings attached

Other bed frame, faded with large stack of coins on top of them Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame in full color with moderate stack of coins on top of it

Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews

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