Onebed reviews

Onebed Reviews

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4.8954 out of 5
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  1. Karen

    Niddrie, VIC, 13/03/2020

    Onebed Queen Mattress & adjustable base.

    No more tension neck and back pain, wonderful sleep. Loving the new mattress and adjustable bed frame. Haven’t had this good a sleep in years, even in hotels. Customer service were a delight to deal with and so very helpful. Highly recommended.

    8 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper
  2. Meg

    Brisbane, QLD, 27/03/2020

    Recommended to all my friends and family!

    This mattress, as well as the adjustable bed frame, has been a life saver! I have chronic back and shoulder pain and I’ve really noticed the improvement in my quality of sleep since using my onebed mattress. I’ve told all my friends and family they need one!
    Thanks for all the zzz’s!

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper
    Sleeps with Partner
  3. Jan K

    Southern Hills, SA, 15/04/2020

    Best decision ever

    My husband and I are very happy with our beds. I simply press the anti snore button on the remote and no complaints from me anymore. My husband no longer wakes up with a sore back and we no longer have broken sleep. The price was cheaper than any other on the market. The quality and service was outstanding to say the least. Highly recommended.

    6 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper
  4. John D

    Hocking, WA, 24/06/2020

    Excellent Mattress, amazing price

    Very comfortable and firm mattress. We upgraded from a 12 year old spring matress to the OneBed Original and we both had the best sleep in years the first night. Got the king size for the price of a single on sale! Bargain!

    8 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
    Sleeps with Partner