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Onebed Sheets
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100% sateen woven cotton, optimal thread count of 480, smoothest & softest of textures, highly breathable and with a lustrous finish.
The Sheet Set
1 Fitted Sheet
1 Flat Sheet
*2 Pillowcases
The Duvet Cover
1 Duvet Cover
*2 Pillowcases
2 Pillowcases
* Single and King Single sheet sets come with one pillowcase
Breezy Blue
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What makes single-ply yarn stronger?
High air circulation
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Couple lying on top of Onebed Sheeny Charcoal Sheets
The “dream weave”
Your Onebed sheets will be 100% COTTON which is SATEEN WOVEN.   This makes them silky smooth and buttery soft while having a visually pleasing lustrous finish.
Onebed Sheeny Charcoal Sheets fabric close up, with a single thread highlighted
Person's heand on top of Onebed Creamy Peach Sheets
Award Ribbon
Highest quality fabric
The fabric matters & the Onebed sheets design cut no corners – being fabricated with 100% long staple cotton of the highest quality for the softest of textures
Cloud with arrows making circle shape around it
High air circulation
Yes, Onebed sheets are breathable! Woven with 100% natural fibres which are light and airy, preventing perspiration & making them suitable for all seasons.
Person sleeping hugging Pillow with Breezy Blue Pillowcase
Person face-up, smiling on top of Onebed Creamy Peach Sheets
Show off your sheets
Your Onebed sheets will stand out because of the sheeny appearance that sateen woven cotton projects.  Onebed sheets also drape well because of their silky and delicate texture
Person sleeping peacefully with Onebed Windowpane Sheets and Pillowcase
Sleep peacefully
Onebed Sheets inhibit the growth of microscopic fungi, preventing allergies & those relentless bedtime itches
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Person feeling the edge of Onebed Pillowcase with his fingers
Folded Sheets Icon
Staying hygienic
Your Onebed Sheets will be soaked in lye and sanitized before delivery, so they’ll be clean, fresh and ready for you to curl up into right away
Closeup of Onebed Deep Navy Sheets
These sheets make me look forward to bedtime
Alex E. – 5 stars

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