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100% sateen woven cotton, optimal thread count of 480, smoothest & softest of textures, highly breathable and with a lustrous finish.
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2 Pillowcases
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What makes single-ply yarn stronger?
High air circulation
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The Onebed sheets

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Woven for perfection
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Your Onebed sheets will be 100% cotton which is sateen woven.  This makes them silky smooth and buttery soft while having a visually pleasing lustrous finish.

Hey Onebed! I want a really high thread count please
No you don’t!
But I want the best sheets?
Then you want 480 thread count
Please explain...
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Onebed sheets have a thread count of 480 which is perfect for producing the softest of textures

The thread count scandal
Single strand

Onebed uses single-ply yarn. It's stronger, with fewer fibres twisted. This means less potential for untangling within the weave. It's also more breathable because there is less material per square inch used.

Triple strand

Multi-ply yarn is a gimmick. It gives off a thick and coarse feel because strands from the twisted, finer fibres unwind and poke out, pricking into your body and making the material feel rough.

If using a quality fabric, there is only so much thread that can be woven into one square inch – so, if a genuine representation of thread count was being advertised, the maximum number able to be achieved would be around 450-500

The fabric matters & the Onebed sheets design cut no corners – being fabricated with 100% long staple cotton of the highest quality for the softest of textures

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High Air Circulation

Yes, Onebed sheets are breathable! Woven with 100% natural fibres which are light and airy, preventing perspiration & making them suitable for all seasons.

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Show off your sheets

Your Onebed sheets will stand out because of the sheeny appearance that sateen woven cotton projects.  Onebed sheets also drape well because of their silky and delicate texture

Onebed blue sheets curld up on top of mattress
Health Conscious

Onebed sheets prevent the growth of microscopic fungi, making them a great choice for anyone suffering from allergies

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Every dollar counts

If you value your money – Onebed sheets are for you. Optimized design and manufacturing processes means we’re able to deliver you the quality bedding you want, at an affordable price.

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