Adios Hangovers! The Hangover Clinic's Max Petro Sheds Light on His Controversial IV Treatments

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The Hangover Clinic was founded by Max Petro, a former Sydney lawyer and ski instructor in the US and Australia. Back in the US, he met a ski patrol team that worked as hard as they partied – patrolling the slopes by day and engaging in après ski (or after skiing entertainment activities) while drinking schnapps by night.

Max wondered how the patrol team seemed to have the constitution of ancient vikings. How could they possibly party as hard as they did the past night and still be fresh, alert, and 100% ready to do their jobs the next morning? So they let him in on their secret.

Being qualified paramedics, the ski patrol team had access to oxygen, painkillers, and IV fluids. After a hard night of schnapps and chill, the members administered these treatments to one another, almost instantly lifting their hangovers and bringing them back to tip-top shape.

And so the idea for the was born. Max figured that the same treatment could be administered to regular folks who suffered from hangovers, colds, flus, dehydration, jetlag, and anyone who needed a quick pick-me-up.

Because it’s never a good idea to ski while drunk or hungover.

Of course, not everyone is willing to stick a needle in their veins just to feel better after a hardcore night of partying.

Just how safe are the’s treatments? And do they really work?

To answer these questions and other possible inquiries you might have, we got in touch with Max for some answers.

Are the hangover remedies 100% safe for anyone to try? What kind of situation or condition would make some or all of the remedies inadvisable?

Here’s Max Petro receiving an IV treatment from one of the clinic’s doctors. via

As with any medical treatment there are possible risks and side effects, although our infusions are very low risk procedures.

All treatments are administered by fully qualified doctors (not nurses), and all clients receive a consultation with a doctor prior to receiving a treatment where they go through your medical history to make sure there is nothing which would prevent you from having an infusion.

The main things which would make somebody ineligible for a treatment would be heart and kidney issues.

Which of the hangover remedies would you recommend for first timers?

It really depends on how bad you’re feeling. Think of our treatments as ‘small,’ ‘medium,’ and ‘large’: our basic ‘Jump Start’ is for minor hangovers, our mid-range ‘Energise’ is for a standard hangover, and our premium ‘Resurrection’ treatment is for those monster post party hangovers!

Take your pick based on how badly you need a pick-me-up. via

Where and how do you get the supplies you need for your services?

From wholesale medical suppliers, the same who supply NSW hospitals and health facilities. All our injectables are made in Australia.

Who administers both in-house and home service IV treatments?

All our treatments are provided by fully qualified doctors. It has to be a doctor and not a nurse since our treatments involve the use of prescription medications.

What’s actIV Infusion? How is it different from the Hangover Clinic?

You don’t need to be hungover to benefit from intravenous infusions, so we launched a sister company called actIV infusion which provides treatments aimed at people who want a boost to their training regime, maintain condition, or help boost energy levels to keep up with a busy schedule. We also offer cosmetic injectables too.

Do you offer any other new and exciting services that you want to talk about now?

We have recently launched a weight loss program that has been getting a great response from clients.

Do you have any plans of expanding by way of opening more clinics in different Australian cities?

YES – we will be opening additional clinics in Sydney over the coming months then expanding across the east cost starting from next year.

So there you have it, folks. The next time you’re feeling a little too worn out from last night’s shenanigans (and that greasy, protein-heavy breakfast just won’t cut it), consider giving the a call.

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