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Onebed X 12''
4.8 out of 462 reviews
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15-year warranty
The Onebed X is the latest hybrid to hit the Australian market, combining all the best features of different mattress types into one, for the ultimate choice in luxury mattresses
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4.8 out of 462 reviews
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Great nights make great days

It’s no secret the key to life is quality sleep - and the Onebed X is designed for those willing to go all out in making sure they get it

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The best of both worlds

The Onebed X gradually increases in firmness from surface to base, so underlying layers provide the firm support your body needs, while you only experience the tender feel of the upper comfort layers

Arrow Streching upward on the side of Onebed X mattress to highlight comfort layers on top
Arrow Streching downward on the side of Onebed X mattress to highlight support layers on top
Onebed X Mattress with faded outer layer to show the four inner layers
Let’s take a look inside
Topmost pink smart foam layer Second blue cooling gel-infused memory foam layer Third black charcoal memory foam layer Last layer with pocket springs and high density memory foam base

High density base foam

Durability & edge support

Pocket springs

5 zoned support for healthy alignment

Charcoal memory foam

Odour, moisture & temperature regulation

Cooling gel-infused memory foam

Conforming comfort & pressure relief

Davina foam

Buoyancy, motion isolation & breathability

The royal touch

The Onebed X is covered with a highly breathable viscose blended fabric, woven into a luxurious cubic dimple-protruding texture which you can gently feel beneath your sheets

Onebed X fine texture closeup Feather flying on top of the texture
For even the lightest sleeper

The Onebed X isolates motion with paramount precision, passing the wine glass test with ease, so you stay deep in dreamland while your partner turns up a storm beside you

Take the pressure off

The memory foam layer alleviates pressure points by conforming to the contours of your body, for a sensation of weightlessness comfort as you become one with your Onebed

Sideview of Onebed X Mattress Insides with arrow highlighting the memory foam layer
Person liying on top of Onebed X Mattress with light blue light waves radiating from neck and hips support points on the mattress
Always as good as new

The charcoal memory foam layer maintains the immaculate state of the mattress, meaning the Onebed X looks after itself so you don’t have to

Sideview of semi-transparent Onebed X Mattress
Vapors icon crossed out
Eliminates odours
Waterdrop icon crossed out
Absorbs moisture
Termomether icon with checkmark next to it
Regulates temperature
Support in all the right places

The 5 zoned pocket springs provide advanced orthopaedic support by mirroring your body’s weight distribution from head to toe, so you can say goodnight to aches and pains

Stay cool to stay asleep

Open-cell foam structure, airy pocket springs, infused cooling gel and highly breathable fabric keep the Onebed X refreshingly cool and comfortable, all night, every night

Onebed X Mattress side view with the base layer cut out to reveal the pocketed springs Airflow through the pocketed springs and the three top layers of the mattress
Covering all bases

The high-density base foam provides edge support and the touch of extra durability needed to maintain perfect condition of the mattress, making sure you sleep luxuriously for well over a decade - backed up by a
15-year warranty

Onebed X Mattress with only the base layer showing to highlight it's support features Shield with checkmark and the number 15 next to it
Setup in three simple steps
Rulled up mattress coming out of a box
Rolled up mattress with plastic package around it
cut plastic
Mattress unrolling flat
Onebed X Mattress expanding in all directions Arrows showing the mattress expanding in both width and length

Sit back and relax as your mattress swiftly releases & decompresses into the full-size Onebed X


Night Risk-Free Trial

A Onebed mattress allows you the quality sleep you need – guaranteed by giving you 125 nights to return it for a full refund if you disagree. Returns are picked up at no cost & donated directly to The Salvation Army. A truly risk-free process, with no strings attached.

Lift your sleep game

The Onebed X is designed to be 100% compatible with adjustable beds, so if you want to raise your comfort levels even higher, try coupling it with the remote-controlled Onebed Adjustable Frame

Onebed X Mattress Fading in on top of Onebed Adjustable Frame in anti-snore position

Onebed X 12'' Reviews

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