Sleeping Naked is the Sleep Trend We All Need Right Now

You’ve basically tried every sleep trend and medication to get some shut eye. Valium, Nyquil, melatonin supplements, a brand new Onebed, lavender oil – anything that can finally help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re a true, blue insomniac, you probably also have a bunch of sleep apps installed in your phone. So what are you doing wrong?

Well, you haven’t tried everything if you haven’t tried sleeping naked. It’s the sleep trend that some of us badly need right now.

There’s Nothing Cooler Than Bare Skin

We could not have found a better gif for this heading.

Being naked in your sleep makes it easier for your body to keep it cool. This is important because regulating your body temperature before bedtime can have tremendous effects on how well you sleep.

Around 68F or 20C is the ideal temperature for a night of deep and uninterrupted slumber.

Staying more or less within this cool, comfy body temperature will allow you to sleep much easier. Hotter temperatures will only delay or interrupt the body’s natural sleep mechanisms. A comfortable coldness is a natural cue for the body to enter sleep.

This is why it’s much easier to sleep when it’s too cold than when it’s too hot, although too much of either can certainly prevent and interrupt sleep just the same. It’s about finding that cool, comfy temperature that’s best suited for your body. And it’s usually somewhere around 20C or 68F.

But why do you have to be naked? Why not just wear those expensive but effective moisture-wicking pyjamas that can keep you cool at night?

Because being naked, apart from costing nothing, is an even more efficient way to lower body temperature.

Fluctuating temperatures at night could suddenly raise your own temperature and awaken you from sleep. And in case of such fluctuations, it’s much easier for your body to maintain the ideal cool temperature when you’re not wearing anything.

But what about during colder nights?

Use Layers of Comforters for Regulating Warmth

It is possible to get rudely awakened by the biting cold. But this is not an excuse to not get naked in the sheets.

You just have to make at least 2 to 3 layers of comforters available. This way, even if temperature fluctuations do happen throughout the night, you can easily adjust the temperature depending on how many layers you’re using.

Use your softest, most luxurious comforter as the inner layer of the warmth burrito that is your bed.

There’s nothing like the feeling of soft silk or cotton on raw skin – a bonus layer of sleep-conducive comfort.

Naked is Not For Everyone or Everywhere

It’s also not a surefire solution to insomnia. As beneficial as it is for healthy sleep, some people are just not that comfortable sleeping fully naked. And that’s okay. Just wear soft, breathable clothes that allow air to still make contact with your skin.

Naked sleep is also not ideal in certain scenarios. It’s cool to do at home or in hotels, but when you’re out in the bush, it’s more advisable to sleep in your clothes in case you need to respond to an emergency.

Although, there’s no denying that it’s also really comfortable to sleep naked outdoors. Just make sure that your clothes are nearby so you won’t have to tend to emergencies buck naked.

But if nakedly tending to emergencies is your thing, go for it!
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