Why Sleep Is Important for Weight Loss

Why Is Sleep Important for Weight Loss?

July 26, 2019
In: Health & Wellness

Weight loss is a challenging task and doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no magical pill nor is someone going to snap their fingers and make all that unwanted weight disappear.

Instead, it’s time to look at the importance of good habits such as sleeping well throughout the night. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are doing the human body a real disservice. Many people are unable to lose weight simply because they are not getting enough rest at night and continue to stay up long hours without knowing the consequences.

If you can sleep at least 8-10 hours at night, the changes will be dramatic. Here are the main advantages of sleep during your weight loss journey.

Strengthens Digestive System

The digestive system needs time to go through the food that’s been consumed while you’re awake. While the body does this throughout the day, even when you’re awake, it kicks into high gear when you’re asleep. Therefore, a person’s resting metabolic rate tends to be higher and more significant in comparison to what their rate is throughout the day. Your digestive system is reliant on being able to go through this process without being interrupted.

If you are not getting in the required number of hours at night, you are going to be a step behind. This happens because the digestive system is unable to get through the food in your intestines and has to focus on other things while you’re awake.

Most people assume sleeping has to do with energy levels and that’s indeed true. However, sleeping is all about your organs and systems working throughout the night to make sure you are ready for the next cycle.

Your body is a well-oiled machine and will keep chugging along even if you’re not sleeping well, but the weight is going to increase. This is why on a weight loss journey, you have to start making appropriate changes as soon as you possibly can. Otherwise, you are not going to shed weight as fast as desired.

Creates Good Habits

You will have to create good habits and what better way to get started than to focus on sleeping well? This is a simple change that almost anyone can focus on and it doesn’t take a lot out of you. Most people love the idea of being able to sleep and simply need to learn the merits of doing so.

Over time, you are going to want to develop a proper sleeping schedule.

In the beginning, the goal must be to create good habits as that is the bare minimum. If you are not creating enough good habits, then weight loss can become quite the challenge and that’s not easy at the best of times. If you are unable to focus on these details, you are going to end up in a situation where the weight refuses to go away.

For most people, losing weight is all about changing those underlying habits such as eating too much, eating junk food, sleeping poorly, or refusing to exercise.

Each component is important and doing one is going to lead to everything else falling into place.

Relieves Fatigue

This is a simpler advantage and one most people can understand. When you get enough rest at night, you’re going to feel energized as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is common sense and is a major plus point in your weight loss journey. When a person feels ready to go, they’re more willing to work out in the gym and put in the hours needed to shed excess fat. Everything works hand in hand and that’s why you have to sleep well at night.

Calms the Mind

Your psychological state is often ignored when it comes to losing weight. Most people continue to look into the mirror and assume it’s the physical differences that matter most. While it is true you are going to have an eye on your belly, it is also important to think about your mindset. The weight loss journey is tough, and you need to be strong from a psychological point of view. For this to happen, it’s best to get enough sleep at night to feel fresh.

When a person feels fresh, they are far more likely to get through this arduous journey without giving up. Anyone that feels sluggish tends to find excuses to cut corners.

Improves Healing

Working out in the gym means your body needs time to recover. It’s not easy to recover, especially for those beginning a brand-new workout regimen.

You want to give your body enough time to heal. The only time your body can heal properly is when it’s resting. The resting phase is essential as the body can recover any inflammation and/or issues associated with its well-being. It is also going to allow your body to get stronger.

Therefore, fitness enthusiasts mention the importance of sleeping for rocking a great body.

Reduces Cravings

Do you get late-night cravings to eat a bit of ice cream or a bag of chips?

This is common among people and it’s a horrible habit to have. Most people get into a situation that is difficult to manage and it often has to do with not knowing what to do.

The cravings end up making things worse and that is when people eat too much. You want to sleep early in a bid to avoid those cravings entirely. Over time, you are going to learn the merits of sleeping simply through avoiding those late-night treats. Imagine all of the calories that drip away as soon as this little change is made.

Organizes Your Day

Sleeping is about your way of living and making sure a proper change is made. Remember, most people schedule their entire lives around a horrible sleeping schedule and that’s why they feel out of order. To avoid this type of feeling, it’s important to organize things alongside the right sleeping schedule.

For example, if you know it’s time to sleep by 10 PM, everything else will start to fall into place as well. This is all about adjusting and giving yourself the best possible opportunity to shed weight. Otherwise, you are going to be pushing through this journey without any sense of order or direction.

Prevents Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a major worry and only gets worse as you pack on the pounds. If you are making things even worse by sleeping poorly, it is all going to fall out of order.

Therefore, it’s important to think about your health while getting rid of junk food along the way. With the help of a healthy sleeping schedule and the ability to cut out bad foods, your insulin levels will be normalized. Therefore, it’s smart to think ahead instead of reacting when things get worse.

Reduces Natural Weight Gain and Obesity

Studies have been done on the impact of sleep on human bodies and what kind of long-term impact is possible. These studies have revealed a link between natural weight gain and potential obesity due to a lack of sleep.

When the body is unable to get enough rest, it becomes far more likely to eat more and as a result pack on more fat. This is why patients are told to sleep well and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Without taking the time to rest, the human body is going to get larger and larger. This is a natural consequence of spending more time awake and lengthening the time you’re able to eat throughout the day/night.

With a straightforward sleeping pattern, you can avoid those unwanted eating tendencies. This is when the link is broken, and you can start appropriately shedding fat. Until a person can make the switch, they’re going to remain a step behind and eventually gain more in terms of weight.

Take the opportunity to settle into a proper sleeping pattern and notice the change that will come along with it. This is why more and more people are starting to slim down based on simple changes like how they sleep at night.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is important for several reasons and must be a big part of your weight loss journey. Whether a person is eating fewer calories, cutting out junk food, or putting in time at the gym, it’s all about sleeping properly. A person that doesn’t sleep well is going to cut into his/her chances of seeing appropriate results. The weight isn’t going to come off as easily and that has a lot to do with how the body responds to lack of sleep.

Take the time to set up a proper sleep schedule and make sure to follow it. If you are not getting enough sleep throughout the day, you are already fighting an uphill battle.

When you start sleeping right, the rest of your weight loss journey is going to fall into place. This is what everyone should do when it is time to shed fat.