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Onebed Weighted Blanket
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glass pocket beads
The Onebed Weighted Blanket instills a sense of deep relaxation, as the balanced pressure over your body has been shown to calm the nerves, reducing stress and anxiety.
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What's the size and weight of the blanket?
What is the weighted blanket made of?
What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?
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Person sleeping with the Onebed Weighted Blanket. Arrows fading in and out signifying the weight the blanket puts on the person.
Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT)
The snug & dense feel of the Onebed Weighted Blanket is a form of DPT, which shifts you from ‘fight or flight’ mode to the relaxed rest & digest state.  

The pressure from the glass bead pockets activates your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), calming your mind & body by slowing down your heart rate & relaxing your muscles, bringing you into a state of resting stillness
Slows down your mind & body
Alleviates stress & anxiety
Helps you unwind after a busy day
Aids in falling asleep faster
Person in dark room sleeping with the Onebed Weighted Blanket on top.
Sleep deeper
The deep balanced pressure from the Onebed Weighted Blanket minimizes body movement during rest, allowing for an easier transition into REM sleep; the deepest stage of sleep
Chart showing hight movement in the early stages of sleep and lower movement in the rem stages.
100% Cotton
Experience the natural benefits of pure cotton, which offers the perfect balance of warmth and breathability
Folded Onebed Weighted Blanket Ribbon displaying 1 year warranty text

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