6 Reasons to Buy Your Mattress Online

Sometimes it’s quite a hassle to buy a mattress because of its size. Cumbersome even, you may say. How do you transport a bulky purchase across the city and how do you even bring it up to the rooms? The idea of doing all of these could be intimidating to some.

However, we do need to replace our mattresses every few years. They aren’t meant to outlast us – even the mattresses with the best quality in the market have an expiry. They would eventually deform and be too unhygienic for use.

It could be quite a hassle to change mattresses, but it must be done. Eventually you have to as explained earlier. When it’s time to buy to replace your mattress, which method do you prefer to purchase it? Do you go to the showrooms or the physical stores? Or do you prefer buying it online?

Out of habit, just like the old days, some people would go to the malls or stores to check out the available mattresses. Some people still want to try lying on a mattress before actually buying it. They want to check and try the mattresses in person before making a decision.

More often than not though, the comfort level you think you have experienced from lying down on a mattress for 10 minutes at a store is not the same with the one you will eventually experience at home.

Things are changing though with the advent of technology. We use are gadgets more often these days to go about our day. We connect with people, do work, and do shopping with a few taps on our screens. People are doing more of their businesses on the internet.

Online shopping has changed the consumer process though, and when it comes to mattresses, it is no different. You can now buy your mattress from the comforts of your own home.

And the bulk purchase that once intimidated you, you can now even get a mattress in a box. It’s just your mattress order fitted into a more compact packaging for less bulk and hassle.

Due to its many benefits, mattress in a box is gaining a lot of popularity. If you are not totally convinced yet, here are the reasons why you should decide to get your mattress online.

1. No Store Hours

Life happens and you get busy. The thing with going to physical stores – you have to make time for it. Sometimes, you even have to get out of your way to go to the store of your choice. When you buy online, there are no opening or closing store hours to consider. You can shop at your own hours—whether it is at 10pm after you have done the dishes and put the kids to sleep or at 3am when you are still up and cannot sleep on your lumpy, old mattress. It only takes a few minutes any time, any day.

2. Better Prices

Another reason why you should get it online is because the prices are way cheaper than the ones in stores as there is less overhead and no commissions or markups. Maintaining a physical store costs money – and that is factored into the prices of the mattresses that they sell. On top of that, online stores usually run promos or discounts from time to time. Watch out for them for more savings on your purchase.

3. No Sales Pressure

Sometimes you just want to shop in peace. No people tailing you around, watching every move you make – it could be unsettling. If you buy online, there would be no pushy salespeople following you around or rattling off all features of their products. You can shop by yourself and read up on the benefits of the mattress on the website or in the FAQs in silence. If there is anything that you would like to clarify on, you usually have the option to ask via chat, Contact Us section, email or Facebook. This way, you get less distractions when choosing the right mattress for you.

4. Convenience

This has been mentioned earlier – how to lug around a big purchase? With online shopping, there is no need to line up to pay for your mattress — you just buy with a few clicks and that’s it. No need to bring the mattress over to your car and drag it up your house. Mattresses sold online are delivered to you right to your doorstep. Imagine the convenience! Probably, the only hard part of this process is in the waiting because you’re too excited for the mattress to arrive!

5. Hassle-Free Set-up

Not only is the mattress in a compact box, it’s so easy to set it up as well. Don’t have time or the patience for a complex set-up? This is your answer, you’ve chosen the right mattress. No complicated instructions, no special conditions. With the Onebed mattress, you just put the mattress on your bed frame, tear off the plastic wrapping and the mattress will decompress at once. Put on the sheets, get your pillows, and you can sleep on it immediately! How easy is that?

6. Easy Returns Policy

This is one of the worries of those who are still skeptical in buying online. What if I don’t like it? What if it does not meet my expectations? What will I do with the mattress? Calm down, you get better returns policy when you shop online. At Onebed, we have the longest trial period for you to enjoy. You have 125 nights to decide whether you are happy with your purchase or not. If you’re not, we will collect the mattress and refund you in full. Where else could you find that? You have 125 nights to decide whether the mattress is good for you or not – that’s more than enough time to decide.

You see, buying a mattress online may be the perfect solution for you, with all of these advantages. Still finding it unbelievable? Believe it! Click here and start your journey to having the best sleep ever! 🙂

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