6 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Insomniacs and Sleep Lovers

For insomniacs, the best gift of all is sleep. So if you’re keen on impressing an insomniac (or someone who just really loves to sleep), you’re going to have to do better than cold stubbies at the beach and/or edible underwear.

I mean, edible underwear is fun and all, but it’s also a sugary snack that, when consumed before bedtime, can delay and even disturb your sleep. #realtalk

However, we’re not here to debate whether it’s okay to eat cherry-flavored panties before bedtime or not. We’re here to provide several answers to one question:

How do you give the gift of sleep?

#1 Set Them Up With a Hammock

Hammocks: showing gravity who's boss since ancient times.
Hammocks: showing gravity who’s boss since ancient times.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a hammock, the second most relaxing thing on earth (our mattress is the first).

Hammocks are tough, portable, can be set up almost anywhere, and come in different styles and sizes.

A well-placed hammock is the fastest way to set up a napping nook that’s also perfect for finishing books on windy afternoons.

#2 Book a Relaxing Hotel/Airbnb Staycation

If the source of a person’s insomnia is at home, whisk them away to somewhere truly comfortable.

While it may seem silly to book a hotel that’s just nearby, it’s really not if you’re an insomniac.

Nice hotels provide clean and comfy beds, an aura of luxury and relaxation, and best of all, some time away from the typical causes of anxiety (a known source of insomnia).

The same it true for some Airbnb rooms that not only have tons of positive reviews, but are also situated in highly relaxing locations.

It really depends on the personal preferences of the insomniac you’re trying to impress.

Even the most basic hotel amenities can provide a much needed respite from everyday causes of anxiety and insomnia.
Even the most basic hotel amenities can provide a much needed respite from the daily causes of stress.

If you can afford a weekend at the Hilton Brisbane, go for it. But if you’re on a tighter budget, there are hostels/motels/Airbnb suites that are perfect for the job; you just have to know where to look.

Just remember: no matter how tight your budget is, stay away from really shady places.

Nothing kills a romantic vibe quite like a drug deal gone awry in the next room.
Nothing kills a romantic vibe quite like a drug deal gone awry in the next room.

#3 Sign up for Napping Classes

“One in six Australians are chronically sleep-deprived,” says Martha Tsakalos, a psychologist and nap advocate who recently started offering napping classes in the suburbs of Surry Hills, Sydney.

The ability to nap at will is by no means a cure to insomnia, but it certainly helps.

But what exactly happens in a napping class?

Martha Tsakalos (via abc.net.au)

As Martha explains, her class is basically a short guided meditation in a dark room followed by a 20 to 24 minute nap – the recommended amount of napping time by the Sleep Health Foundation “if you want to be able to function immediately after the nap.”

After a well-timed power nap, you can enjoy boosts to your immune system, improved memory, and better mental and physical performance.

So if you’re near Surry Hills or have plans of being in the neighborhood, what have you got to lose? You and your date might even learn how to nap at will through guided meditation – a valuable life skill for any insomniac.

#4 Book a Massage at Home

Is your Valentine’s date an insomniac who’s also an introverted shut-in who refuses to get out of the house even for a luxury hotel staycation?

Google their location plus the words “home massage”. Make sure to find a reputable massage service before booking anything. Nothing kills the mood like getting conned in your own home.

Make the most out of the money you’re spending for a massage and turn your date’s bedroom into a sleep oasis.

Light some scented candles, put on fresh sheets, dim the lights, etc. – do whatever you can do to make the massage more relaxing and sleep-inducing.

#5 Find the Perfect Sleep App

Which sleep-better-apps should you get someone who can’t sleep?

Take your pick.

Thanks to the fact that people all over the world suffer from insomnia, there’s no shortage of free/cheap and effective apps that can actually help people sleep better.

Here’s the catch:

There’s no single anti-insomnia app that will 100% work on everyone with insomnia.

Just like insomnia treatments in the real world, the only way to find out if a digital sleep aid works for you is to install it and try it.

This means a lot of downloading, understanding and applying app instructions, uninstalling, and then downloading again – at least, until you find an app that truly works for your particular case of insomnia.

The good thing is that unlike certain mobile games, most sleep-better-apps require very little space on your phone, and are either cheap or free.

Narrow your search down by looking for apps that fit your sleepless lover’s personality and lifestyle.

Search for apps together while curled up in bed. Who says staring at your phone can’t be romantic?
Do it while waiting for your food to arrive on your Valentine’s Day date. Who says staring at your phone can’t be romantic?

#6 Get Them Their Own Onebed and Pay for It Later via ZipMoney

Apart from anxiety, another notorious cause of insomnia is sleeping on a bad mattress.

Solve this problem for an insomniac and they’re sure to be very generous this Valentine’s Day.

And if you don’t have the cash for a brand new Onebed, you might be interested in looking into our interest-free 6-month payment option.










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