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Onebed Reviews

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  1. J. Patel

    Stirling, WA, 11/12/2018

    Perfect Mattress for those with back problems

    – comfortable and very supportive
    – no back or neck issues
    – quality and duration of sleep has improved
    – shape and firmness maintained and have not noticed any sagging

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  2. Katrina Z

    Pyrmont, NSW, 11/12/2018

    Excellent mattress

    I love the firmness of the mattress. It’s not too firm where you feel like you’re lying down on wood nor is it too soft where it doesn’t give you any support. I would say it’s at medium firmness, which I really quite like (which i wasn’t so sure of before buying this mattress)
    Definitely no regrets with this purchase

    Back Sleeper Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Sleep with a partner and children
  3. Lukie C

    Claremont Meadows, NSW, 11/12/2018

    I wasn't sure, but now I am converted!

    I was very reluctant to get a new bed- I really loved our old mattress because it had a plush topper, and it was only 7 years old and quite expensive, so I couldn’t justify the expense of a new bed. My husband convinced me to try the Onebed mattress- his argument was that as I am such a light sleeper, minimising partner disturbance would go a long way towards improving my sleep quality. Secondly, he was keen for a cooler sleep, and we watched a youtube review of someone who said the Onebed stopped her overheating at night. Both of these have been true- especially how much cooler the onebed is compared to our old spring mattress. This took some adjusting to in winter, but I am so so glad of this now it is summer. Also, my husband has back issues and reports that this has improved since we bought our Onebed.

    I am totally converted. We holidayed recently at a five star resort with a ‘good’ king size bed, and I couldn’t wait to get back home to my bed. I especially liked that we could rearrange the layers to adjust the firmness to our liking.

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  4. Lace H

    Tea Tree Gully, SA, 11/12/2018

    Perfect mattress!

    Extremely comfy, supportive and well made. Definitely noticed a change in quality of sleep since using my Onebed mattress. Also love that it is so firm that things won’t spill on it!

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