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Onebed Reviews

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4.8920 out of 5
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  1. Gian S.

    WESTMEAD, NSW, 25/12/2016

    Best bed and value for money bed you will find

    This bed will give you excellent comfort, a good sleep and its much more cheaper than their overpriced counterparts

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Front Sleeper
    Sleeps with Partner
  2. Carolina R.

    Chatswood, NSW, 16/12/2016


    I’m no way am I saying this will fix all marriages. But definitely saved mine! My hubby suffers from sensory issues and sore backs. So we were trialling sleeping in seperate beds until this bed was recommended to us. We had nothing to lose.

    Now though going on a month of owning this bed he sleeps through the night with me in the same bed. My rolling from side to side doesn’t affect him and in fact he has great sleeps! Even when our 1.5 year old decides she wants to jump in in the middle of the night!

    Amazing bed. We are sleeping together in the same bed for a full 8 hour period and feeling amazing the next day!

    8 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
    Sleep with a partner and children
  3. Marcela S.

    Fortitude Valley, QLD, 15/12/2016

    Comfy mattress for your back

    We were having problems to sleep at night with another mattress we used to have. We saw the ads on Facebook and took a look to Onebed’s webpage. After reading the information we decided to give it a try, and we have had happy sleep time ever since. The price-quality relationship is incredible. You definitely receive the value for your money! Our backs are not in pain anymore and we have uninterrupted sleep every night. Thanks Onebed!

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
    Sleep with a partner and a cat
  4. Matt T.

    Kallangur, QLD, 15/12/2016

    Odd at first but worth the switch

    It was a bit odd at first but now I love sleeping on this mattress so comfy and I fall asleep instantly. Same day delivery was great as well

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
    Sleeps with Partner