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Onebed Reviews

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  1. Emma

    Minchinbury, NSW, 28/11/2020

    Great mattress and great value

    This mattress is very different to any other mattress I have tried. The memory foam is very dense and supportive, perfect for those who like a firmer mattress. Being someone who prefers a softer mattress, it did take a week or so for me to get used to the mattress, but once I adapted to the new fit and the foam contoured to my body it was very comfortable and still is. A big difference to spring mattresses is the bed doesn’t bounce back when you sit or lie in it, which can also take a little getting used to, but it makes for a really supportive sleep, especially for those sharing the bed. The feeling of slowly sinking into the foam as I lie down feels very relaxing and makes for a great night sleep, without the mattress sagging or lifting on the sides. It seems very durable, I haven’t noticed any sagging or denting at all, and the long warranty leaves me with great peace of mine that it will keep maintain its shape. Having the mattress come in a box was very practical, especially living in a two storey house. The customer service, price point (a king for the price of a single!) and quick shipping made this a great decision and very pleasant experience.

    8 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper
  2. Shannon

    Quakers Hill, NSW, 28/11/2020

    Very pleased

    Really happy with my purchase. This mattress outperforms my previous one at one third of the price.
    They seemed to have nailed the softness/density & support ratio according to body weight.
    This is not an ultra soft mattress. It’s right where it should be.

    9 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper
  3. John

    Hobart, TAS, 01/12/2020

    Best I've ever owned

    Very comfy mattress, firm underneath with a plush top layer. Seems excellent quality, quick delivery and easy setup. Sleep quality is excellent. Would recommend to anyone I know . Cannot fault it

    8 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
  4. Dale

    Albion park, NSW, 01/12/2020

    Bloody awesome wouldn't swap it for any other mattress

    Very comfortable i have a prolapse disk and had the best nights sleep for a very long time a very durable mattress wouldn’t swap it for anything highly recommended
    Thanks One Bed

    8 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper