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Onebed Reviews

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  1. Steph A.

    Baynton, WA, 02/05/2019

    Swapped all our beds to OneBed!

    Our whole family is snoozing so much better thanks to OneBed! We switched out all our mattresses (five to be exact) after falling in love with our King OneBed! We now have the whole family getting the best body support and quality nights sleep and we could not be more thankful for coming across the OneBed.

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  2. Ray

    Albion, QLD, 15/04/2019

    Perfect for the whole family

    Upgraded our bed to a king and decided to go with the OneBed Mattress… amazing! Firm but soft. Great for my pregnant wife who tosses and turns, I can’t feel a thing! She also says it’s very comfortable!
    Arrived very fast and setup is a breeze! Kept it at ‘default’ firmness and it’s perfect for both of us!
    Have contacted customer service and they have great communication lines!

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  3. Adrian S

    Lyndhurst, VIC, 04/04/2019

    Best decision I made

    I have done my research and onebed comes on top due to their good review as well as the adjustable firmness of the bed. It’s been 3 days and so far so good. Before onebed, I always have a back problem, feeling tired after waking up. Now I am feeling fresh, wake up on time and generally healthier.

    Definitely will recommend onebed as not only they have a good product but also great support staff. June the social media staff, answers all my questions and helped me to finally decide to go with this bed. The delivery also very quick (ordered Friday night and get the bed on Monday afternoon).

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  4. Nic

    Brisbane, QLD, 11/03/2019

    Love how the mattress feels!

    Very comfortable, but also very supportive not like any other mattress. Would definitely recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a mattress and is only use to conventional mattresses.

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