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Onebed Reviews

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  1. Tim C

    Edgewater, WA, 14/12/2018

    Sleep wonderful awakenig

    After a few days of adjusting to the change of mattress.. I noticed. The whole body felt more rested, less waking up to sore joints.. Not feeling any hot spots… Great investment

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  2. Suraya K

    Eight Mile Plains, QLD, 14/12/2018


    This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. I know it can be adjusted to make more or less firm but the the default setting is well thought out and works perfectly. It bounces right back when we get off the bed. After months of using it, it still seems brand new.

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  3. Joanne P

    Reservoir, VIC, 13/12/2018

    Still in shock!

    After 4 years battling with sore backs, waking up With numb arms and sore shoulders on our previous lemon mattress (3 years of emails, phone calls and ‘repairs’) we decided to buy a box mattress before we found the right one for us! Well weren’t we pleasantly surprised!!! No more pins and needles, no more waking up in agony and finally we have restful sleep!!! we absolutely love our one bed and highly recommend it. So we no longer need to look for the perfect mattress now because this temp is the one! We’ve had the our one bed for about 5 months now and are so very happy.

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  4. Jaswinder G

    rosehill, NSW, 13/12/2018

    Very good bed

    This was a satisfactory purchase, arrived promptly, well packed with good unpacking directions. the parcel was very heavy.
    I find the mattress firm and very comfortable.
    However, I am finding the weight of the mattress makes bed making difficult. Our bed frame has a wooden lip to hold the mattress in place, and it is awkward, due to the weight of the mattress, to lift the corners and edges of the mattress to tuck in the sheets when making the bed.
    This could be remedied by purchasing a new bed base, but as our current bed base is in perfect condition this would be an unnecessary expense.
    In summary, the bed is comfortable, but the mattress is too heavy for ease of use.

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  5. Renee

    Frankston, VIC, 13/12/2018


    We recently bought a King One bed mattress and love it so much! Me and my husband would wake up with sore backs before now we don’t at all! its so comfy and love how theres no movement transfer.

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  6. Alex F

    Frankston, VIC, 12/12/2018

    A really great night's sleep!

    Took a little getting used to but now that I have I can safely say it’s the best mattress I’ve ever owned! I sleep like a baby and love the fact that it has zero partner disturbance.

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  7. Rebekah W

    Dawesville, WA, 12/12/2018

    Worth Every $$

    I was at first sceptical about spending the money on the ONE mattress, but from the first night I slept on it, I knew it was the best decision I have made. My sleep quality has now improved ten fold!

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  8. Lachlan Y

    Kedron, QLD, 12/12/2018

    Brilliant Mattress in populated market

    I bought a Onebed mattress back in June 2018 during an EOFY sale. I also bought a competitor’s mattress at the same time for another bed in our house, and much prefer the Onebed after trialling both.
    The convenience of a mattress in a box is incredible. With quick delivery times, and the compactness making it much easier to try and get up a set of stairs, I will never buy a mattress from a retail store again.
    We have been very happy with our Onebed mattress. After switching from an old fully sprung mattress, it was a welcome change. It is extremely comfortable and quite soft (which I prefer as I’m a side sleeper). It gives me just the right amount of support as to not hurt my shoulder by resting on it if too firm, or sinking into it if too soft. It has been durable for the 5 months we’ve had it and look forward to many more with it.
    I would, and have, recommended Onebed to friends, 10/10 and will definitely buy again.

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  9. Lace H

    Tea Tree Gully, SA, 11/12/2018

    Perfect mattress!

    Extremely comfy, supportive and well made. Definitely noticed a change in quality of sleep since using my Onebed mattress. Also love that it is so firm that things won’t spill on it!

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  10. Lukie C

    Claremont Meadows, NSW, 11/12/2018

    I wasn't sure, but now I am converted!

    I was very reluctant to get a new bed- I really loved our old mattress because it had a plush topper, and it was only 7 years old and quite expensive, so I couldn’t justify the expense of a new bed. My husband convinced me to try the Onebed mattress- his argument was that as I am such a light sleeper, minimising partner disturbance would go a long way towards improving my sleep quality. Secondly, he was keen for a cooler sleep, and we watched a youtube review of someone who said the Onebed stopped her overheating at night. Both of these have been true- especially how much cooler the onebed is compared to our old spring mattress. This took some adjusting to in winter, but I am so so glad of this now it is summer. Also, my husband has back issues and reports that this has improved since we bought our Onebed.

    I am totally converted. We holidayed recently at a five star resort with a ‘good’ king size bed, and I couldn’t wait to get back home to my bed. I especially liked that we could rearrange the layers to adjust the firmness to our liking.

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