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Onebed Reviews

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  1. Charlie

    Sydney, NSW, 30/01/2019

    Extremely comfortable mattress that was easy to order

    I was hesitant buying my first mattress in a box, that’s from an online store and not sprung. However, ordering and delivery was very easy and straightforward – way better than going to a large shop and dealing with salespeople. I was also concerned about the feel of a foam/latex mattress compared to springs. However, it’s much more comfortable particularly for side sleeping and my neck/back is less sore. There’s been no noticeable smell (as mentioned in some reviews), it’s easier to make the bed because the mattress is less chunky, I managed to roll the matttess upstairs on my own with a few grunts, and getting up off the mattress hasn’t been that much more difficult than the spring. Both curvy me (who prefers a soft mattress) and boney hubby (who prefers a firm mattress) are sleeping comfortably on the medium setting.

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  2. Gaia

    Melbourne, VIC, 30/01/2019

    Great mattress

    The mattress is exactly how they describe it on the website. It was the best decision as I’ve had it for over six months now and I’m loving it!

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  3. Kate K

    Tamborine mountain, QLD, 10/01/2019

    Best sleep I've ever had

    I am a very busy chef and my neck and back have always been very sore and since sleeping on onebed I am waking up refreshed and not sore at all ! I fall asleep so quickly now and stay asleep. This mattress is so amazing I have since bought another for my mum.

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  4. Dee

    Melbourne, VIC, 09/01/2019

    Best change I’ve ever made!

    I bought one bed as not only did the mattress look appealing but the trial period and their work with the Salvation Army was what sold me the mattress and the company! I’ve been sleeping better and also waking up a lot easier, I wake up more relaxed and rested. Thanks to a great company, for the product and service.

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  5. Maria W.

    Petersham, NSW, 05/01/2019

    Great mattress and great customer service

    I ordered a onebed double after researching many different “mattress in a box” brands. I chose onebed because it seemed the most quality/value for money. I’d never had a non-spring mattress before, and the 125 trial period gave me peace of mind in case it didn’t work out. I found the mattress to be too hard the first week or so, but then it softened — the mattress supports and hugs you. I also really appreciate the customer service — I had many questions throughout, and they were all answered efficiently and thoroughly. Also the delivery was prompt — I would recommend this mattresss.

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  6. Anna

    Docklands, VIC, 05/01/2019

    Fantastic bed - supportive and comfortable

    The mattress is supportive and comfortable, and has provided many nights great sleep. We’ve had our mattress for over 6 months now, and it’s just super.

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  7. Isha B.

    Sydney, NSW, 21/12/2018

    Very Good mattress, reduce my back problems

    Have been using this for last 4 months and can say that very few nights i have had the back ache in the morning i get up.
    With my previous sprung mattress i had the back ache every morning after getting up and this one bed mattress and reduced that problem a lot
    Would recommend to any one with back or neck pain to at least give it a try with a free trial period.

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  8. Tim C

    Edgewater, WA, 14/12/2018

    Sleep wonderful awakenig

    After a few days of adjusting to the change of mattress.. I noticed. The whole body felt more rested, less waking up to sore joints.. Not feeling any hot spots… Great investment

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  9. Suraya K

    Eight Mile Plains, QLD, 14/12/2018


    This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. I know it can be adjusted to make more or less firm but the the default setting is well thought out and works perfectly. It bounces right back when we get off the bed. After months of using it, it still seems brand new.

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  10. Joanne P

    Reservoir, VIC, 13/12/2018

    Still in shock!

    After 4 years battling with sore backs, waking up With numb arms and sore shoulders on our previous lemon mattress (3 years of emails, phone calls and ‘repairs’) we decided to buy a box mattress before we found the right one for us! Well weren’t we pleasantly surprised!!! No more pins and needles, no more waking up in agony and finally we have restful sleep!!! we absolutely love our one bed and highly recommend it. So we no longer need to look for the perfect mattress now because this temp is the one! We’ve had the our one bed for about 5 months now and are so very happy.

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