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Onebed Reviews

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  1. Ron

    4160, QLD, 23/08/2019

    Queen size adjustable bed frame

    I did not anticipate just how much I would like this bed frame, especially when other brands are double the price (and more). It was a breeze to assemble (tool supplied) though extremely heavy. However, the weight seems to provide extra support for the mattress which now feels quite firmer than before. Without the old ensemble base springs it is also much quieter (never noticed the noise before it was gone) and there is substantially less mattress sag. With the head raised maybe 15 to 20 degrees, breathing is so much easier and sleep feels deeper. Best of all, raising the height completely alleviates my acid reflux !!! I can’t recommend this product higher (I think I have fallen in love). Ron.

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
  2. Rob Delaney

    ROSE BAY, NSW, 17/05/2019

    One Bed - One week

    Have had my one-bed mattress for a week now and it has been a beautiful 7 days of sleep. No more tossing an turning, trying to get comfortable on my old spring mattress. As soon as I lie down, I’m gone. One of the best purchase I have made. Just couldn’t argue with the price/offer. Have been suffering from a shoulder injury, for the last few weeks, and already I am seeing a vast improvement due to the mattress. Delivery came exactly when I specified (I requested the delivery a few days after purchase) and I was set-up in 5 mins. An all-around great buy

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
  3. MD H.

    Lakemba, NSW, 13/05/2019

    Very comfortable and recommended for backpain

    Onebed mattress is very comfy for me and my back pain is gone after using this mattress. I would recommend for those who have back pain. I tried before a couple of brand but non work and started sleeping on hard surface. Once i started sleeping on onebed mattress my sleep quality have improved.

    Side sleeper Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Sleeps with Partner
  4. Joe

    Hobart, TAS, 02/05/2019

    I am so happy with this mattress

    I am so happy with this mattress, I have been looking for a good mattress and when I came across onebed. I thought I would give it a go, and now I would not go anywhere else. the onebed is fantastic it is up their with the high price mattress if not better so if you are after a good mattress then look no further 10/10 happy happy happy days and nights

    Side sleeper Average hours of Sleep / Night