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Onebed Reviews

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4.8985 out of 5
591 Reviews
  1. Emil J

    Springfield Lakes, QLD, 24/10/2020

    Never had a better night's sleep.

    My partner and I are absolutely loving the mattress and topper, we’ve never had such an awesome sleep even on mattress’s that cost 4 times the price. We litterally turn to eachother at least once or twice a week and say “how good is this mattress”

    We fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed and feeling great instead of stiff and sore like we have on the last 3 expensive spring mattresses we’ve had.

    We’re very satisfied with the purchase and will hopefully be able to get two more for our teenagers soon.

    The mattress on its own was great but with the topper it just is that little bit plushier for comfort.

    10 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
    Sleeps with Partner
  2. Suze

    Perth, WA, 29/10/2020

    No regrets on this investment

    Bought 10 ” mattress and adjustable bed, what a powerhouse duo. Firm for suitable support, soft enough for comfort. Zero gravity mode on the frame and my one bed matress have helped alleviate back/hip pain and improved sleep.

    9 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Back Sleeper
  3. Dale

    Somerset Dam, QLD, 04/11/2020

    Great Improvement

    The Topper has made my mattress so much better, and I am enjoying more sleep. Great product, and will get more for the other beds in the house, including the guest room.

    9 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper
    Sleeps with Partner
  4. Kristina J.

    Gladesville, NSW, 05/11/2020

    Mum can't sleep without it now

    I bought this for my 80yr old mother, who has a lot of pain in the joints, especially her hips.
    She’s a side sleeper, so this had made her bed so much softer, and easier on her hips. She loves it and is sleeping so much better now.

    7 Average hours of Sleep / Night
    Side sleeper